Camera Ready

What is camera-ready art?

Simply put, it’s a picture that can be reproduced using ONE solid color with no shading, tints, halftones, or gradations. For example:

This box is a good, clean piece of art. However, it would not be acceptable as camera-ready because it has shadows that are less than 100% solid color.


This is the same box after I converted it to camera-ready art. Now it can be reproduced by most printing processes used at specialty advertising manufacturers.

What type of computer program will produce camera-ready art, you ask? The industry standard is Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Both produces files saved in a format called vector art. Vector art can be enlarged to any size you need with absolutely no loss of resolution.

Most other types of computer files ai, cdr, eps, jpeg, psd. I can usually convert any type of file to acceptable standards, but I will have to bill you for any time I spend doing so. The rate is $50.00 an hour, with a $25.00 minimum charge. I’ll be happy to give you an estimate on the time it will take to convert your art over to acceptable standards. You can e-mail the art for an estimate to